Welcome to the first course of your advertising career.

Apply now through March 9, 2023.

Our food-focused agency is on the lookout for interns ready to learn about the biz, think with their stomachs and do real work for real clients. If you’re hungry to get your advertising career off the ground, we want to hear from you.

Our advertising internship runs June 5 through August 4, 2023.

Illustration of a blue fork with a spaghetti noodle tangled around its tines

What is Hungry?

Our summer internship is designed to give you a taste of everything that goes on at an agency. From account management and media planning to creative and production, you’ll get to see how the sausage is made. You will also dig into real client work based on your specific position. In the work world, that’s called “experience.”

  • Real advertising experience
  • Real client projects
  • Networking connections
  • Intro to all agency disciplines
  • Branding campaign opportunity
  • A paycheck
  • Ability to tell your mom you have a job
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JT Mega is a full-service, independent, food-focused agency in Minneapolis with over 45+ years of experience. We work on Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer accounts. Our tagline is “Thought for Food” because our brains are as hungry as our bellies.

The nitty gritty details

Key 2023 program dates

Feb 1 – Mar 9

Mar 6 – Mar 31


APR 1 – Apr 5

June 5 – Aug 4

Dates subject to change because, you know, life.

Hours of work

You’ll be expected to work Monday through Friday, 7.5 hours a day (a 37.5-hour work week — 40-hour weeks are for bankers and such).


We’re located here, just west of Bde Maka Ska in Minneapolis. Google knows the way. We have a hybrid in-office/work-from-home work model.


Yes. This opportunity is definitely your chance to bring home the bacon. A regular paycheck, too.

Here are the positions for our 2023 program




Be the voice of a brand. Use your creativity, ideas and words for writing social posts, digital ads, brand campaigns, sales materials and blog content. Grammatical excellence is non-negotiable, but Oxford commas are up for debate.

Art Director


Calling visual communicators. In this role, you’ll translate words, ideas and concepts into beautiful works of advertising art that demand attention. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite needed, along with occasional willingness to make the logo bigger.

Account Service


Help support clients and internal teams by assisting with project timelines, status calls, creative briefs, meeting notes and more. If you like wearing many hats, can multitask and have the ability to talk about bacon, pizza or burgers without drooling, we want you.


Show us the fire in your belly.

For reflux issues, however,
consult a doctor.

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Please apply for one position only

Why? Our goal is to help you become the best writer or art director or account executive you can be.

JT Mega logo


Applications are now closed, but here’s what you can expect to submit next year:

All applications must include the following:

Name, Address + Cell Number

The position you want


plus one from below:

Illustration of an orange and yellow hamburger

A cover letter

(being unconventional is strongly encouraged)

A video

of you reviewing a fast-food restaurant

An essay

that answers “if you could be any vegetable, what would it be and why?”

Original lyrics

that are an ode to your favorite beverage

A recipe

that describes you


way to show us why you’re the best candidate

All creatives must submit one of the following:

Relevant examples of your creative skills

ADvertising Portfolio

What did last year's interns think of our program?

Art Director Intern

“This internship has shown me what it feels like to actually look forward to going to work and enjoy your job. I've been able to really learn what it's like to work in advertising and it's been great. I think my favorite part was the brand campaign project and meeting and presenting to the client. The entire experience was so educational while still being fun.”

Account Services Intern

“Everyone was so welcoming and inviting which made everything much more enjoyable. I learned more in this internship than I ever have in a classroom. I loved getting to meet people who are so knowledgeable and passionate about their roles, and who were so supportive and willing to help. It was very apparent that everyone wanted to see us interns succeed and have the best experience possible.”

Copywriter Intern

“There was no better way for me to start my advertising career than with JT Mega. I loved the way the internship was set up and how it allowed me to sit in client meetings and dig into real work. I also loved developing a brand campaign, from idea-stage to final presentation and the opportunity to work firsthand with clients, my fellow interns, and with the incredibly smart people at JTM. The internship was the perfect balance of guidance and direction, but also allowed me to jump in, be challenged, and make mistakes. I never felt scared to ask a question because I knew everyone at JT Mega wanted me to learn.”


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