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Andrew Zimmern shares his story with JTM

We hosted award-winning TV personality, chef, writer and social justice advocate Andrew Zimmern for our monthly speaker series – such a fantastic storyteller who’s up to all sorts of cool things right now.

Logomark for Hungry, the JTM Internship Program


Hungry: our JTM Internship Program

We’re excited to host a new group of interns as we head into the second year of our internship program.

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Thought For Food

10 Antidotes to TikTok Food

One of the many common denominators to TikTok food trends is simplicity. Let us propose a countertrend: things that are hard to make.

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Illustration of fork, knife and a plate above the words Set the Table!

Thought For Food

How to Set a Hard-Working Table

Breakthrough designs in cups, plates, and utensils to help elevate meals and improve the eating experience.

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The Next Hub for Food Innovation

Thought For Food

The Food Innovation Hub That May Surprise You

Get acquainted with a food brain trust in the Middle East.

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Illustration of a grocery basket filled with JTM dots, representing groceries, that reads Succeed with Retailers

Thought For Food

How to Win With Grocery Retail Giants

Align your organization with key retailer priorities.

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Thought For Food

8 Ways to Command Attention

Consumers want attention for their personal brand. Here’s how you can help.

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Illustrated graphic that reads 10 Ways To Start The Day with an animation of steam rising from a full coffee mug

Research & Insights

Unlocking An Unmet Need In Breakfast

Consumers want more excitement out of their first meal of the day. Global breakfasts can provide it.

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The Power of Powdered graphic

Thought For Food

An Emerging Idea in Sustainability: Powdered

Virtually any food can be reduced to powder. Learn more about how that benefits bottom lines, people and planet.

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Animated graphic of two forks mimicking a clock over a graphic of lime cross-section, with the headline

Thought For Food

6 Ways to Be Relevant to Consumers Who Fast

Abstinence from food does not mean a food or beverage brand has to lose out. We’ll show you how to play.

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are you considering texture's persuasive powers?

Research & Insights

Texture Is The New Taste

While taste is consistently the top driver of preference in food and beverage, another attribute – texture – cannot be overlooked.

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